New Year's Eve drunken carnage on the streets as boozy revellers celebrate start of 2014

A quarter of a million people watched the spectacular fireworks at midnight in central London, with police making nearly 100 arrests. These shocking pictures show the drunken carnage across the country last night as boozy revellers celebrated New Year.

Scantily-clad women and bloodied young men staggered from city centre pubs and clubs and into the early hours of 2014.


Judging by the pictures above many will awake this morning with a very sore head - some unlucky enough to have had a free taxi ride and bed for the night courtesy of their local police force.


In need of help: This young woman's sore feet appear to get the better of her as a friend carried her through the streets of Liverpool

While many were still sleeping off their hangovers,  a mammoth clean-up operation begun this morning after millions of people across the UK celebrated the start of 2014 with fireworks, music and late-night drinking.


Fall: The bemused looking young man then fell to the floor with this young woman on top of him outside the Manchester Printworks club


Nearly 100 people were arrested as an estimated quarter of a million people lined the banks of the River Thames as the chimes of Big Ben rang in the new year in the capital. Elsewhere revellers committed a litany of typical night-out offences.


Birmingham: St John's Ambulance first aiders tend to a paralytic reveller passed out on a fence on Birmingham's Broad Street during New Year's Eve celebrations in the city

The Metropolitan Police said this morning officers arrested 39 people for drunk and disorderly behaviour, 21 for assault, 16 for affray, six for drug related offences, six for public order offences and four others.


The force had 3,800 officers on duty for fireworks alone, while London Ambulance Service received 1,100 calls between 7pm and midnight, and 469 in the first hour of 2014.

Chief Inspector Robyn Williams said: "Visitors were not put off by the threat of wind and rain and the viewing areas filled up quicker than ever before.


Swansea: A young man poses carrying a seemingly passed-out woman so another can capture the image on her mobile phone during last night's New Year's Eve celebrations

"Officers worked hard, alongside stewards, to keep people safe during the event and ensure that everyone who came into central London was able to make their way home at the end of the night.


"Crowds were good natured and there were no major issues reported to police."

Events attracted party-goers across the country with 80,000 descending on Edinburgh for its famous Hogmanay street party and firework displays in Cardiff and Belfast.

Thousands of revellers in London braved the threat of rain to enjoy what was billed as "the world's first multi-sensory fireworks display", when peach snow and orange-scented bubbles descended on a section of the crowd.


Catching up on some sleep: A New Year's Eve reveller has a well earned rest by placing his head on a bollard in the middle of Broad Street in Birmingham

London mayor Boris Johnson said there was "no better way to celebrate the highs of 2013 and the start of an exciting new year" than enjoying "one of the world's most dazzling fireworks displays".


Feeling unwell: A young woman looks poorly and has a bottle of water at her feet while being comforted by another woman in a Soho doorway

But the festivities created an estimated 85 tonnes of waste, including up to 15,000 champagne bottles, in central London.


In need of help: A young man appears to collapse to the ground in Manchester and is held up by a friend as others watch on

Westminster Council deployed 52 vehicles and 119 members of staff through the night to ensure the streets were cleared for the capital's New Year's Day parade at midday.


Upset: A young woman looks tearful as her friends support her in Newcastle, while police deal with an incident in the street behind them

Around half a million people are expected to attend the annual pageant, which could be hit by rain and strong winds.


Happy new year: Two friends share a cigarette and a kiss outside a nightclub while sitting on a Newcastle kerb this morning

The celebration parade will feature music from around the globe, leaving the Ritz Hotel at noon and winding through Piccadilly, Pall Mall and Trafalgar Square before ending in Parliament Square.


Filthy work: More than 250,000 people turned out to watch the fireworks in central London but the result was piles and piles of mess, including here on Parliament Square




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